The legacy of our dogs and their litters are very important to us.

We carefully plan each litter and closely monitor their journey all along the way.

We look forward to hearing from people who have adopted our pets.

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Myles was part of the 8/3/20 litter.  Myles has grown a lot!  He is 60+ lbs already. I meant to send a six month pic of him but lost track of time. He is absolutely a wonderful dog that fits in well with our family. I am shocked by how big he has grown already. There has been no shedding so far like you predicted. He is wonderful with our little kids. He has an abundance of patience with them.  He has formed a bond with everyone in the house and truly is one of the family. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful puppies and for letting us welcome one into our family!


Mark started Max out at a young age, with pheasant hunting.  His first time outings  were sporadic, as it would be with a pup.  Imagine how excited we were with his first find and retrieved bird.  He sniffs around and when a pheasant jumps up, he jumps as high as the pheasant. Haha. He does have a great idea what he's supposed to do, But, he is so darn stubborn, it's all on Max's time.  Mark is pleased however, and believes with each year, he will only improve. Max is so proud, he parades around with the darn birds, so everyone can see what he accomplished. 
On a funny note. When Max was little, we bought him all kinds of toys.  We'd call them his babies.  So now when Mark and Max go out hunting, Max only responds to "Go get the baby" I'm sure in the field, that could be pretty comical to hear.  It works for them tho!! 
Max's first Duck hunt, started out shaky.  Max loves the water and will swim forever to retrieve whatever Mark throws out.  First time retrieving an actual duck didn't go so well.  Max is used to carrying pheasants, but a duck must feel different.  So we had to work with him on that.  He would swim out, sniff the duck and swim back, without the duck.  Lol. Didn't matter how many times Mark would yell," get the baby"   We bought a heavier dummy, added the duck smell and things started looking up! The real test will be next season. Never had any issues with gun shyness and always excited to go.  We only see  promise with Max as the years go along.  He can sniff them out, retrieve and bring them back. Pretty good, for our big designer dog.


10/2017 -Steve! We love this dog so much it hurts! BEST DOG ON THE PLANET! Best demeanor. He's so sweet and goofy. I am definitely his mama. He follows me EVERYWHERE!! Just wanted to show you some updated pics of the good looking dogs you put out! Buttons FAVORITE snack is a banana! He eats one every morning as soon as he gets up like a lil old man. He waits by the counter! Thanks ~  Brandy 


I was blessed to have gotten my Goldendoodle from Steve and Denita in July 2021. Their farm was beautiful and the warmth of their welcome will forever be remembered. They both were so kind, so knowledgeable, so patient, and answered the many questions I had. It had been a while! The love they have for their dogs and the puppies is so heart warming and I enjoyed getting to know all of them. Sullivan aka Sully now lives in Jacksonville, FL and he is the sweetest, the nuttiest, the sometimes most stubborn, full of energy,  and the smartest dog I have ever owned! That includes 2 Goldens. He is seriously a genius. He was born basically trained in all areas and acts more human than some humans I know. I can’t say enough good things about the Millers and their puppies and I am so thankful they allowed me to be this boy’s mom.  Cathi


Murphy has been the BEST addition to my life since I got him! I am an elementary school teacher and was looking for a therapy dog to take with me to school. After much searching I found Steve and his goldendoodles! He was so great to work with and even held my puppy until I got back from a trip. As soon as I brought Murphy home I knew I had made the right decision. He never had an accident in my house and was a breeze to crate train! He is high energy, but knows when it's time to calm down. We go on daily walks and his temperament is amazing. He has become such a cuddler and will sleep nose to nose with me through the night when it's cold outside. I can't imagine my life without Murphy and all of my friends will tell you I am obsessed, I take him with me everywhere I go and even threw him a birthday party when he turned one! I cannot wait to add another goldendoodle from you guys to my life!


Hello, I just wanted to give a quick update and tell you how much I love my goldendoodle that I got from you last summer! Josie was born on 4/30/2017. When we brought Josie home in June, I was terrified that our older goldendoodle Hal would hate her as well as us. While it took months of adjusting and lots of torture from Josie, I am proud to say that they are now inseparable! She is everything I never knew I needed and so much more. She is the sweetest yet spunkiest girl I have ever seen.   After months and months of searching for a new puppy, I truly am blessed that I found your business and was able to get Miss Josie. I would recommend you to anyone and have done so many times! If you ever need a reference you can send them my way.    Jadyn Schutjer


​Hi Steve!   We bought our NED from you on February 25, 2016.  It was 3 days after we had to put down our 10 year old cocker spaniel, and I really didn't think that I would ever be able to find another dog that I would be as attached to as her - I have never been so wrong!  Having Ned join our family was by far the best decision we have ever made.  He is highly intelligent - honestly, he's almost human-like!  With potty training, he was fully house trained in under a month.  We also planned to kennel train him, and not even on the first night did he cry in his kennel!  (Although I will admit, he sleeps in bed with us now - usually between us with his head on a pillow, because he's spoiled rotten!)  He has the sweetest, calmest disposition and is such a lover.  He excelled in his obedience training classes that we have been through while in the process to have him be a licensed therapy dog for my husband (an elementary special ed teacher) to take with him to school.  On the few trips he has taken to the school, he does great - he is not skittish at all and seems to have a knack for knowing who needs him to come sit by them.  In regards to his grooming, the only time he ever sheds is when he is in need of a haircut - and even then it is very minimal and only when I brush his coat. 
Once we are ready to add another pet to our family, it will definitely be another of your Goldendoodles.  We got the privilege to meet Ned's parents and they were both as sweet and calm as he is.  We also recently got to babysit one of his half-siblings and she was just as awesome as Ned!  We will definitely be returning to you for our next pet(s) and will always highly recommend you.  It is clear that you love each of the puppies that come from you and it is great to know that one of the most beloved members of our family came from such a caring, loving place!  If anyone would ever like to speak to someone for a personal reference regarding your puppies, I would be more than happy to talk to them!

Attached are some pictures of Ned from the last few months! Feel free to use any for your page if you would like!     LIZ, JAKE AND FAMILY


Ozzie is an English Retriever / Perfect Little Pup and is about 6 months in this picture above.  Ozzie lives in Phoenix but will soon be moving back to the Des Moines area. He is smart, and wants to learn.  He doesn't realize how big he is and loves to sit on laps & cuddle. He loves to swim, all humans, and our 7 year old golden Mandy who loves him too! He melts everyone's heart with those eyes and we cannot take him anywhere without getting stopped and told how beautiful he is.  Thank you for our wonderful new family member!  My son wants one when he is ready for a dog.


12/2017 - Hi Steve! I just wanted to share some of the photos from Murphy and our Christmas shoot this year! He is in good hands... I am so thankful for your dogs and the PERFECT little puppy that they bred. I cannot imagine my life without this dog. I cant believe he will be TWO at the end of the month!! Thanks again! Happy Holidays!   Mackenzie


12/2017 - Sky was adopted Christmas 2017 by the Lee Family from Fort Dodge, IA! Skye is 5 months old! She is a great addition to our family!   She is quick to learn new things!  She is well mannered and doesn’t bark! Skye plays good with the kids! We are training her to be a service dog for our daughter who is in a wheelchair. That is going great so far! Thank you for our  perfect little puppy!!


11/2017- Greetings from Koda May and Family!   Well our “little” 50 lb pup Miss Koda May is truly another family member in our household. If we’re honest the first few weeks were hard: puppy cries at night, chewed up pillows and a some accidents in the house. Fast forward 6 months we see how Miss Koda May is such a blessing to our family!  She is so smart and such a lover! Sit, roll over, high 5’s, stay, shake, and big hugs are the tricks she’s learned so far. 
We are so grateful to have adopted Miss Koda from Steve and Denita. They truly love and care for each one of their pups! The pups receive so much love and care from the day they are born. I will never forget how special Denita made our “May Day pup” announcement to us with a surprise May Day basket. 

I also have to mention that our recent family photo shoot was taken by Denita! She did such an amazing job working quickly to keep Miss Koda’s attention and had our location and poses all planned out. She really has an eye for creativity and style that matches the individuals. 
 A huge thanks to Steve & Denita for all that you do to make adoption of your puppies such a special connection with each family!!


Ned is by far the smartest, easiest puppy I have ever had in my life.  He has never had issues with being crate trained and potty training has been easy too!  He loves going on car rides and loves going to baseball games!  Everyone who sees him asks about where I got him and I have a friend who is getting his half sister from you from the new litter!  Ned is very much a family dog and he loves sitting on our laps and snuggling in bed with me! I don't know that we will ever get another kind of dog again. Oh! He also loves baths - he jumped in the tub with me one time and he lays on the steps to our hot tub when we are in it and stares at us and looks like he is pouting because we won't let him come in with us :)  Thanks so much for such an awesome addition to our family!   LIZ


Arlo is my three year old golden doodle. He easily makes friends with everyone he meets and hardly ever barks. Arlo listens well and is great company on our nightly walks. He even knows to stop and wait before we cross the street. I was very lucky to find my perfect puppy!


We got our Perfect Little Puppy last year (2020) and had a wonderful experience. He is an F1 male with beautiful, wavy fur. We met his mother who is the sweetest golden retriever so we knew he was going to have a great disposition. He’s calm and great with kids and also playful but not overwhelming. He’s been perfect for our family and he’s our three year old’s best friend.  

Reetz Family


Steve,  Just a quick note to thank you again for your excellent breeding protocol up there in Hamilton County.  I can’t believe it has been two years already since we adopted Sara and now nearly seven months since Reagan joined our family.  We can’t imagine life without either one of these great friends!  I am convinced that the Poodle/ Golden Retriever cross has created a near perfect dog.  The Golden Doodle simply has that perfect combination of smarts and personality.  But beyond that, I believe your choice of breeding stock is what sets your pups apart from others.  Buddy has such a presence about him and Lucy is the absolute sweetest mother.  Both Sara and Reagan have such rich personalities yet they have that perfect laid back attitude that just makes you want to be around them.  It is quite comical to see both of them react to barking dogs on our walks…a quick glance over and almost a smile at the offended dog is their normal reaction.  Never returning a bark.  We often get compliments on the amazing temperament of these dogs. The decision to adopt Sara was one of the best decisions we have made, probably only second to bringing home Reagan two years later.  We continue to highly recommend your pups to others.  Keep up the great work and thanks for everything!   Steve Watne   ~ Sarasota FL


​Hi Steve,  as you see Cooper is doing fabulous!  He is so smart.  At 3 months he weighs 28 pounds. Potty trained right away.  Loves playing and going for car rides.  We could not be more happy with him. Thanks for checking on us!



Coors is our 100lb baby that will be three years old on May 31st and was the first addition to our little family back in 2018. Coors adapted very well to our home and was very easy to potty train and loves doing tricks, such as, roll over, shake, lay down, and gives high fives! He is obsessed with stuffed animal ducks and loves to wrap his paws around them and suck on the heads of them like a pacifier, it is the cutest thing! Coors gained a little brother in 2020 and at first didn’t know what to think of the little guy but now he wouldn’t know what to do without him!


I adopted two of your pups (Koda the white one and Bix the black one) back in 2019. They are turning 2 in June here, and they have been incredible dogs. We couldn’t have asked for better pups! Koda is a the worlds biggest sweetheart, and Bix is the one with attitude but loves attention more than anything. They both pretty big pushovers to, and they don’t seek out any mischief. Btw this is Bix’s favorite way to sleep/lay on furniture!

Lincoln Rozeboom and family